The Internet Depends on Code

We rely and depend on technology to run much of our lives. From shopping online to connecting with others through social media, we depend on code to make this happen.

About Phil

User Experience

Users' expectations need to be carefully considered when building a website or application. I think of myself as a visual developer who wants to build applications that are engaging and useful. If users do not have a good experience, they will not return.

Front End Development

With over 20 years of front end development experience, I have seen how rapidly this part of the industry changes. The time and energy invested in this realm allows me to learn and adapt quickly to changing technologies when needed.

Software Development

Software and backend development is rather new for me, but I have enjoyed using the other side of my brain. I enjoy the challenges of writing code and working with databases including Python/Django and PostgreSQL, and PHP. I love to think differently when solving complex problems.


Performance Driven

It is important that your website performs exceptionally well.


Ensure that your website will be accessible on any device.

Positive Experience

Deliver a positive experience to your users that will keep them coming back.

Most Recent Technologies

Front End Development
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / CSS3 Animations
  • SCSS
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • JSON / Ajax
  • Bootstrap/Foundation
  • WordPress
Back End Development
  • .NET Webforms
  • Python/Django
  • PHP/Laravel
  • PostgreSQL/mySQL/MariaDB
  • Umbraco
UX Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Krita
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • SVN
  • Node.JS
  • Gulp/Grunt/Webpack
  • Travis CI


These projects do not include my professional experience; it consists of the side and freelance projects to be showcased. There are a handful of projects on this page that are transferred from my original portfolio,

Exercise Application
Exercise Tracking (2018)

Django application for users who want to keep track of their exercises based on their goals.

myFlix (2017)

Simple ajax/jquery app using themoviedb api done in 2017. View a movie, graphics, or watch the trailer.

Southwest Arms
Southwest Arms (2017)

Pro bono project using Wordpress for a Christian firearms dealer in Savage, Minnesota. Work included customized post types so the client can add products easily.

Minnesota Outdoor Adventures
Minnesota Outdoor Adventures (2016)

Built a website that allows users to view different state parks in Minnesota, biking, and hiking trails using the Google API. The design is simple, but the goal of this website was the api.

Fighters4Christ (2015)

Responsive website within Wordpress for a martial arts ministry in the Twin Cities. The ministry is no longer running, but the website is still up.

R3C Collaborative
R3C Collaborative (2015)

Pro bono project for a company who treats and cares for individuals with addictions. The website site was done in Wordpress, but has since been updated.

MyFlix in Angular JS
Old MyFlix (2015)

As a learning experience with Angular 1.x, I made every effort to learn Angular, and one way to do that was to build a movie dashboard. Now that Angular 2 is out, I decided to take it down for the time being.


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